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Offer Gulf Coast Ash Scatter as a service option

Did you know:
  • In 2022 the US cremation rate was 59%
  • By 2027 rate projected to reach 66%
  • By 2040 rate projected to reach 79%
  • People have changing religious views
  • People have concerns about the environment
  • Traditional funeral costs are on the rise
  • Families are spread out across the country
  • One third of families are living with cremated remains
  • There were almost 2.5 million cremations in 2022

The average crematory in the US does about 750 cremations per year. With an average price of about $1000 that is about $750,000 in revenue…that is all Gross Profit!
That could be increased by offering Gulf Coast Ash Scatter as an option.
Average Cost Unattended Ash Scattering Sea Burial is $395
Our fee is only $95 when added to the Service Provider menu..and the markup is all profit !
Provide a Simple Referral to the website and receive a $100 referral fee…that simple !
The ash scattering business exposes you to many families you might not otherwise meet.
Expand your income and market share. .

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