Send your loved one off to explore the world, through the ocean's currents

Scattering ashes at sea is a unique, personalized, and affordable alternative to traditional funeral services. It allows you to celebrate your loved one’s life in an adventurous and special way, particularly for those who loved the ocean, nature, or traveling.

Our ocean ash scattering services are inspired by the idea of letting your loved one travel the world through the ocean’s currents. Your loved one’s ashes will be set free to explore the world forever. The Gulfstream currents will carry them to distant shores, allowing them to experience the beauty of the ocean, and the world they have yet to see.

One - Time Fee: $195

  • Dignified Sea Scattering 3+ Miles Offshore
  • Required EPA Paperwork Filing - US Code (40CFR229.1)
  • Caring U.S. Coast Guard Recognized Captain
  • Official Certificate of Burial at Sea (PDF)
  • Latitude & Longitude of Loved Ones Resting Place

Shipping/Drop Off Options

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    Note: Both the cremated remains a release form and mailing instructions will be emailed upon receipt of payment

    Lets Travel Your Loved Ones in Gulf